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Private Home, Villa & Apartment


Everybody agrees they need to take care of their home, but few people think their home can take care of them too, such as adjusting the temperature, turning on or dim the light, cleaning the floor, turning the curtain to the direction of the sun light, taking the clothes in when it rains, watering the garden, changing water for the swimming pool, taking care of the aquarium, monitoring the fire risk at home, and preventing home breakers from getting in.

Smart home system can send you alerts when there devices that underperform. If there is any irregularity, the system will let you know through your phone right away. 

Homa smart home system is suitable for shophouses, villas, semi-dettached houses, or appartments, either in the construction stage or already in use. The always-on connection with your house will be ever close when you can watch it anytime you want, monitoring its activities and remote control the devices via mobile app or tablet whenever you are away from home, at work or travelling on the road.

When your house is upgraded to smart, your house will always be under your control. Homa share with you the desire of a perfect house that fits your expectation in each and every moment.