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Backhaul of IOT

The WiPoN connectivity protocol 

Homa Techs is the creator of the WiPoN connectivity technology as well as commercializes it to the South East Asia market. 


WiPoN, an IoT connectivity platform 

A stable and powerful IoT connectivity platform is the infrastructure of a smart home. This infrastructure is what missing right now in current smart home systems on the market. 

With the propriety technology WiPoN, Homa integrate seamlessly the wireless and wired communications technologies to bring the best of both worlds for smart home applications. 

Homa brings to your home a stable network which overcomes physical obstacles to connect all IoT devices and operate them to their best potential. 


WiPoN means easy installation 

With the integration of the wireless and PowerLine Communications (PLC) technologies, Homa signals can reach every corner of the house without the installation of any wire. Since your house already has electrical wire, Homa system can make installation easy, even in legacy houses where devices in use can be converted 

into smart.  


Multi-Protocol Communication

Homa integrate both wireless (Wifi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 3G/LTE) and wired (PLC, or PowerLine Communications to transfer high speed data in the electrical wires already installed in your home) technologies into the same communication platform. Hence, Homa smart home systems can be easily and aesthetically installed in new or legacy houses. The multi-protocol connectivity technology also enables the integration with most of the existing smart home devices on the market. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the AI Low Resource Computing algorithms, Homa smart home systems can run smart applications without powerful (hence expensive) servers. With the AI algorithms, Homa smart home systems can learn the habits and preferences of people to eventually auto operate the house.