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Safety & Security


Safety living 

Smart devices work in sync to create a perfect living environment, to foresee risk of fire in home such as unplugged iron and kitchen, leaked gas… so that you can always feel safe and be in peace of mind, which home should always be.

Foresee and alert

Homa sensors such as human detection, smoke detector, gas leak detector combined with smart lock, heat map detection, and smart plug help to accurately foresee the risk of fires and send alert to home owners, as well as automatically turn off the electrical devices to reduce the risk and damage when it happens. 

Monitoring electrical devices

Homa smart home can ease your concern that un-mindful actions sometimes happen, such as forgetting to unplug the iron, because Homa electrical monitoring feature will help to detect potential abnormal situations and prevent it from happening. 



Maximum security 

Homa smart system can detect the presence of people and their face without a powerful and expensive server, hence can increase the security of your house and surrounding environment. 

Keeping an eye at home 

Whenever you are away from home, you are always concerned with your house. Homa smart home system can help to ease the concern by always connect you to home. It is ever peace of mind when you are away and can monitor how things are at home, for example if your children are taken good care of. 

Just like having somebody at home 

Security system combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), operating in sync with the lighting and sound system can automatically send alarms when there are irregular activities, together with images and video of the house for home owners to check.

Speakers to send alarm signals: to alert the intruders that the home is in safeguard 

Lighting system turn on and off from time to time to create an impression that there are people inside the house 

Camera can live stream videos to home owners